Tuxford Clarion Cycling Club

Tuxford Clarion Cycling Club is based in the village of Tuxford, located in North Nottinghamshire and is a section of the National Clarion Cycling Club. It was established in 2012, by local cycling enthusiasts.

The Tuxford Clarion are proud to be a section of the National Clarion and support the following aims:
The Clarion’s aims are to protect and further the interests of cycling and cyclists.
In all its activities, the Clarion and its members shall endeavour to promote and encourage; Mutual Aid, Good Fellowship, Fairness, Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.

Whilst we are a young and an enthusiastic club, being part of the National Clarion (founded in 1895) gives us the chance to ride and compete with 30-plus sections and 2000 + other members. Our aim is to promote a healthier lifestyle for local people. We are a group of mixed ability riders who enjoy the social benefits of cycling as much as the exercise!

We encourage all abilities, male or female. Weather permitting, our main club ride is every Sunday morning. Everyone is welcome, so please come and join us.

Our aim is to offer local cyclists from Tuxford and surrounding villages, access to club cycling with a community feel. Riders can join us for the occasional Sunday 40 – 50 mile ride, or join the club and develop their cycling to a more serious level, including sportives, time-trialling, track and road racing.

The club has a wealth of experience and always makes sure that our new riders are looked after on their first few rides. We pride ourselves in riding in a disciplined and safe manner and respect our fellow road users. For example we acknowledge cars that wait and pass us safely, we single file when safe and appropriate to do so. We also slow down for horses and chat to them as we pass, so that we don’t startle them.

If you want to join us, you’ll be welcomed on three rides before you need to join us.

Our Sunday rides are an easy way to acquaint yourself with group riding.

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