Riders Code

Club riders’ code (and ride leader’s responsibilities):

1. All club run groups ‘should’ have a nominated ride leader, who is recognised by the committee

2. In the absence of a designated ride leader, a committee member should make themselves available

3. In the event of not enough ride leaders for all groups, groups can be merged to a maximum number of 12 riders

4. The ride leader shall be responsible for:

a. Ensuring all riders set off at the same time, making a quick headcount

b. Ensuring that all riders know where the destination is

c. Encouraging their group to set-off in a prompt and organised manner

d. Reminding all riders to ‘call-out’ potholes and cars where appropriate and safe to do so

e. Ensuring that no ride is left behind

f. In the event of a roadside stop, ensuring that all riders are off the road carriageway, out of the way of road traffic

g. Ensuring that new riders who have yet to join, give their names and emergency contact numbers

h. Calling ‘single-up’ where it is appropriate (but not necessarily on roads where the driver would still need to cross the white line thus endangering on-coming traffic)

i. Ensuring that all riders use hand signals when turning

j. Reminding riders of potential risks on the road, such as ice, wet or slippery roads, strong winds or other cautions

5. The ride leader should be encouraged and respected to pause a ride and provide instructions or guidance to riders, if they feel it is time to do so

6. The ride leader is covered by the club’s 3rd Party liability Insurance

7. Individual riders are responsible for their own safety as well as clothing, food & hydration, bicycle maintenance and roadside repairs

8. All riders hold a collective duty of care to fellow riders, in the way that they ride and announce any safety observations (cars, potholes etc.)

9. Riders should normally not ride more than two abreast, apart from when changing position in the group

10. A rider who notices another rider in need of help (e.g. tiredness, pace or mechanical) shall advise the ride leader immediately

11. All riders should seek to understand who the ride leader is

12. A rider who is not deemed to be safe riding in the group (for their own safety or others), shall accept the guidance and recommendations of the ride leader

13. The club shall keep a register of volunteered ride leaders, and this shall be available on the website

Ref: Tuxford Clarion Riders Code V1 2022