Club Rides

Club Runs

Every Sunday Starting at 9am (Between March and November) & 10am (Between December and February.

  • Club Runs generally ride in 2 / 3 groups, an “A” ride, a “B” ride and a “C” ride, with the length of ride varying between 35 miles in the winter to 50-60 miles in the summer.
  • The starting point is always outside the Newcastle Arms, Tuxford, NG22 0LA
  • Typically the “A” ride ave speed is 20mph, the “B”ride ave speed is 18mph (Depending on terrain) and the “C” ride at the pace of the slowest rider (great for newcomers to the world of cycling)

Social Rides 

Check out Events Calendar on Home page


    If anyone fancies trying out club cycling, The Tuxford Clarion Cycling Club are going to be starting a family and beginners leisure ride.

    Starting at the Newcastle Arms in Tuxford. Each ride will have an experienced ride leader and will be around 15 miles on the quietest roads we have around here.

    Budding cyclists should be capable of riding 15 miles with little effort and confident riding on the open road. Bikes should be roadworthy and you should carry your own pump, spare tube etc.

    Under 16s should come with a parent of guardian.

    These will be leisurely, social rides and planned to get people riding regularly and developing their cycling skills and general fitness.

    For more information, please contact

Please note – All new riders are made welcome for their first three rides after this club membership will be required to continue riding with the club


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